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How to install AceSEF

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To install AceSEF component on any Joomla website, first login to the Joomla Administrative Panel. To do this, simply enter the url_of_your_website/administrator in your Browser address bar and click Log in or hit the Enter Key.

In the – Joomla! Administration Login form displayed, enter your username, password and click on Login as shown in Diagram 1

                             Diagram 1

After a successful login to the Joomla administration backend, the Joomla control panel page is displayed in your Browser as shown in Diagram 2.

The Control Panel provides access to all Joomla functions and features as shown in Diagram 2. The installation or uninstallation of all Joomla extensions is done via the Control Panel. The AceSEF Extension is installed via the Control Panel as follows:

                                 Diagram 2

Click on Install Extensions on Control Panel as shown in Diagram 3.

                                  Diagram 3

The Install, extension manager page is displayed in your Browser as shown in Diagram

4. In the Upload Package File tab, click the Choose File button

                                    Diagram 4

A file Browser will open up permitting you to navigate to the folder on your hard disk where you have downloaded and saved the AceSEF Component as shown in diagram 5.

Select the AceSEF component file and click on it. The file name will appear in the File Name drop down list box as shown in diagram 5. Next click Open.

NOTE: AceSEF component zip file name will vary, according to the AceSEF package you have purchased.

                                Diagram 5

You are now ready to upload file and install as shown in diagram 6

                                    Diagram 6

If installation is successful, you should see the Install Component Success messages as shown

Once AceSEF component has been successfully installed, click Go to AceSEF Control Panel link as shown in diagram 7. This method will be available only when you install AceSEF component for the very first time.

                                  DIagram 8

AceSEF Control Panel will be displayed in your Browser as shown in Diagram 9

                                  Diagram 9



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